Zach + Emily | Lake Charles Wedding Engagement Photography

Zach & Emily are a perfect couple. These two had a very unique session downtown Lake Charles. It’s going to be great getting the privilege of being Zach and Emily’s wedding photographer. Emily & Zach’s wedding is at Magnolia Mulvaney’s off of Enterprise in Lake Charles. If their engagement session was any sign of how the wedding is going to be, I’m beyond excited!

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Sam + Beth | Lake Charles Engagement Session

Ah. Sam and Beth. Sam is the kind of friend that everyone needs. Beyond loyal and probably the hardest working guy I’ve ever met, Sam found a jewel when he found Beth. They met at church while playing and singing on a weekly basis, and now they’re getting married. It has been so amazing getting to see Sam & Beth grow into the couple that they are today…

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Shauna & Dan's Downtown Lake Charles Engagement Session

You have no idea how awesome it is when the groom-to-be makes a comment about enjoying the engagement session. Let’s just say that portrait sessions and men don’t typically equal fun, myself included. It’s ridiculous how much we were able to just cut up and have a blast during their Lake Charles engagement session. I absolutely can’t wait until Shuana’s bridal session and ultimately…

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Savanna & Braden | Lake Charles Engagements

Brayden is from Mississippi and is engaged to Savanna who is from Baton Rouge and I get to be their wedding photographer. I love getting to work with people during these super happy parts of the planning of their forever. Being a wedding photographer is quite honestly, very fulfilling.

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