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Breathtaking Wedding Videography

Our most demanded package item! It's no doubt that there is a rising popularity in wedding videography. My team and I are more than ready to shoot your big wedding in Lake Charles. We are always equipped with the best tools to ensure that you can take a breath and trust that your wedding is going to come out exactly as you envisioned and even better than you remember. Adding a beautiful, cinematic, and breathtaking film is an investment well worth having of your Lake Charles wedding. Our videography is sure to make you swoon for years to come while watching your wedding day with your spouse. 

To ensure a mix of quality control, consistency, and over-all productivity... you will receive a team of two videographers for wedding day videography. Depending on availability and packages, you're lead videographer may not be Zakk but will be someone who has been professionally trained to shoot and produce a phenomenal production. All video work will be edited by Zakk to ensure your Lake Charles or Houston wedding videography matches well with our photography style. Our videographers are pretty awesome, and fun to work with.